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Nature’s Original
Energy Drink
Considered to be low-glycemic, sugar cane juice offers an abundant natural source of electrolytes, essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, making it the perfect way to rehydrate after an energizing series of Sun Salutations or a heart-pounding cardio workout.
No Added Sugar
An 8 oz glass of sugar cane juice typically has 13g of sugar – compare that to an 8 oz. glass of grape juice which has 36g of sugar!

No wonder sugar cane juice is considered to be “nature’s original energy drink"

Geevani is best enjoyed as an energizing refreshing beverage any time of the day or after a long workout. Find Geevani now in the refrigerated juice section of your store.
Ayurveda & The
Promise of Good Health
Ayurvedic practitioners consider sugar cane juice to be a natural hydrating remedy that offers immunity boosting benefits as it replenishes the body with lost nutrients and minerals.